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What Is the Difference Between Escorts Service and Prostitution?

In exchange for money, both escorts Service and prostitutes spend some time with a person. However, whether a person is an escort or a prostitute is determined by the behaviors they engage in during their time together.

Escort Service vs. Prostitution – What is the Difference?


In exchange for money, an escort spends time with a person. The escort usually follows a client to a social function or other appointment. The escort may be hired on a contract that lasts a few days or weeks.

Escorts make money by selling their time. They are usually outgoing, beautiful, and well-presented. In other words, they're a good buddy to give to friends, associates, and coworkers.


A prostitute is usually only employed for a brief time. Both the prostitute and the customer refuse to go to functions or leave the premises.

For a sexual act, a prostitute is hired. Prostitutes usually charge by the hour or by the individual sexual act they perform. Although escorts may engage in sexual actions, this is not the point of the agreement.

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